Thus, OIRT transmitter on 70.46 MHz in this city will be switched off. トミーモータース札幌。ランクルのことならTOMMYモータース!車のご依頼はもちろんオートローンでお悩みの時、事故や故障の時、自動車保険のことなど、何でもtommymotorsトミーモータースにご相談 … - Voor en door etherpiraten en hun luisterraars. Studio Tik van de Meule brand volledig af, Re: Skippy Radio 6925 USB 2342 UTC 15 NOV 2020, Ontvangstrapporten • Re: Logs from South-West of France - November 14 & 15, Free Radio Cafe: Pirate Radio On Shortwave & FM, Pirate Radio Station Loggings - North America • Outhouse Radio 6955 USB at 0050 UTC, 12/8/19, IconDrawer (icons, buttons, country flags). Source: All stations in the loggings are received directly, here is no remote SDR catches. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. アンテナ、ケーブルテレビ・共同受信用機器をトータルに皆様に提供するdxアンテナの公式サイトです。アンテナ、受信用機器などの製品情報、地上デジタル放送(地デジ)、企業情報、採用(リクルート)、に関する情報も掲載。 Please use only English, Ukrainian or Belarusan in your comments, or they will be deleted. Who makes the QRM to pirate stations on 48 mb? 分類 特徴・用途 資料; 多目的油: 食品機械用多目的潤滑油。nsf h1登録品 粘度グレード 32,46,68,100: 商品紹介; フードマシン ギヤ. Please don't forget to include your postal/street address, too! Unidentified LCh NDB on 682 kHz (approx. MediaZoo Visits Radio Caroline’s Ross Revenge, Disco Hell Radio on 6814 kHz the 19:45UTC, E- QSL FROM “SAQ” – GRIMETON RADIO STATION, VARBERG, SWEDEN. 130: kW: 1570 : km: 252 ° 06:39: 91.10: MHz ... in Khmelnytskyi is 102.1 MHz (1 kW). All the stations were identified by ID jingles, RDS, playlists, parallel frequencies or parallel web streams. 発生器, 給電機能付IPカメラアダプター, 当社ウェブサイトのご利用について. Each frequency in the loggings is in kHz (may differ from exact value on ±200 Hz) or MHz, time and dates are UTC unless otherwise noted. That was propagation from at least two different directions in parallel from about 06.30 till 07.00 UTC, so it was quite difficult to identify transmitter locations for Italian stations in some cases. And of course, you will never see "remote DX QSLs" here. ),, Radio Spaceshuttle Int'l on 2nd of November, Marconi Radio International on air on 31 October 2020 with a Special Halloween Broadcast, Marconi Radio International schedule of test transmissions for this week. Thanks, Stig Hartvig Nielsen! Reception reports (verified by eQSL) to this E-mail address: Some lucky listeners will also receive our printed QSL card. ング用助剤, マッチの軸木、ローソク、パラフィン紙、防水布、防水紙、電気絶縁、ホットメルト、クレヨンその他各種つや出し用. Опубліковано Admin о 10:09 No comments: Email This BlogThis! (OLD) Sonic Adventure DX - 130 Emblems in 5:46:57 - YouTube Мітки: BC, Europe, FM, UA: Radio Promin, Ukraine, Ukrainian Radio. Power values are ERP, distances are approximate. Just received this nice eQSL from the Danish station WMR. 粘度グレード 32,46,68: 商品紹介 ; フードマシン マルチ.