I like it! Package request processed usually within the same hour! A co je pro mě nejlepší. thank for good service. These guys not replying neither picking up my phone.Will not recommend them. When I complained, and THIS IS THE BEST reply from customer service...."We have no record of any photos for this consolidation". They are not answering my phone too.But I don't know what went wrong and from the last few days the shipping fee is raised to 352.24 USD.I tried to reach out to the team but no reply so far.This has been a pain ful experience from me.To my surprise I tried to return the product as the shipping cost was too high and now it's showing the shipping cost back to the supplier, a Florida address is 130 USD.This is completely insane.I don't know what to do now. I am always helped by your polite treatment. Ужасный сервис ,берут цены за дорогую доставку ,а сами отправляют дешёвой , пропадают посылки , без объяснений адекватных , вечно надо их контролировать ,могу просто зачислить их другому человеку и если вовремя это не увидеть то просто их потеряешь ,не советую данный сервис, Poor customer service, makes me wonder if the reviews are legit. THAT WAS 9 HOURS AGO.I WILL REMOVE THIS POST ONCE PLANET EXPRESS ADDRESSES THIS ISSUE AND CALLS ME!! Dobry den a to jim mam napsat zpravu v cestine?nebo anglictine? Been using them for about a year because I live in Vietnam and haven’t been disappointed yet. Fast and reliable. Además demoran demasiado en responder, a menos que esto cambie de inmediato, lo desrecomiendo. 今ココ→【実際使ってみた】Planet Expressで輸送手続きから発送までの工程 【アメリカ輸入】Planet Expressなら簡単、ついでにクーポン使ってプレミアムプランに。 【ついに到着】米国からベトナムに直輸入【Planet Express】 営業時間 Highly recommended! Thank you very much! You definitely need this! AliExpressのおかげで中華通販が人気になってきましたが、まだまだAmazon.comやBest Buy、OnePlus.comなど、アメリカやイギリスの住所がないと購入できないサイトは数多くあります。そこで今回、どうしても買いたいものがあるという時に役立つ、輸入代行を格安でしてくれるPlanet Express (プラネット エクスプレス) を紹介します。, Planet Express様に協力いただき、実際にサービス開始から輸入までの流れを試させていただきました。, Planet Expressは無料登録するとアメリカ オレゴンまたはカリフォルニアの住所を使用できる転送サービスで、日本語表示にも対応しています。初回はデポジットとして$5の前払いが必要になりますが、$5はそのまま送料の支払いに使えるので無駄になりません。, 手数料は一つの荷物につき$2で、配送方法はDHLやFedEx、USPSなどが選べます。中でも独自の配送方法「Planet Mail Express」は追跡ありで$4.49~とかなり安く、小さい荷物などに最適です。他社だと国際宅急便しか扱っておらず最低料金が$20以上になる、というものもあるので、時間が掛かっても良い時のために安い発送方法が選べるのは良いですね。, 住所は無料プランだとカリフォルニアのものを使えますが、有料プランなら税なしのオレゴン倉庫も使えます。, ちなみに、輸入・転送だけでなくショップでの購入から転送まで全部代わりにしてもらえる「購入代行」サービスもされています。, Planet Expressへの登録は簡単で、こちらの登録ページで名前やメールアドレス、パスワードなどを入力するだけです。名前はアルファベットで入力し、CountryはJapanを、デフォルトの言語をJapaneseにしてください。, 「Account activation」という件名のメールが届くので、メール内の「メールアドレスを確定しアカウントを再開する。」を押してメールアドレスの認証を済ませます。, 初回のみ、アメリカの住所を作るためにデポジットとして$5を支払わないといけません。支払い方法はPayPal、クレジットカード、Amazon Payといろいろ用意されているので、好きなもので支払ってください。, ドル支払いになるので、海外利用の手数料が少ないカードや、Sony Bank WALLETでのドル払いがおすすめです。, 支払いが完了すると、「New SuiteID」という件名のメールが届き、専用の住所を使えるようになります。ダッシュボードでは微妙に日本語に翻訳されてしまっているので、「詳細」を押して確認した方が良いです。, 【2020/07/08追記】 Perfect service. I've been using their services and they have good customer service and a user-friendly platform. con muy buenos precios y un buen servio... Excelelente plataforma de reenvio de paquetes postales, confiable y super seguro recomendado al 100%, Muy buen servicio, rápido, económico, plataforma intuitiva, gracias Planet Express, Excellent Service, nice customer service, cheaper rates and Super fast shipping! The best USA shipping address company for sure, the best customer service, the best prices (even though the prices got a bit higher this year..), I hope they don't change because I really love everything about Planet express.I hope they invest more on Planet Mail with European countries so I can send more expensive items using Planet Mail. The customer service is awesome and the services are GREAT and with superior quality!Many Thanks! The new Oregon warehouse is a real bonus because we get to save on local taxes - fantastic! Not sure how I lived without Planet Express before ;) Really outstanding service and fantastic prices. If a service is not available, the staff will wait one week before telling you and cancelling your request 3. I recommend them to everyone that needs shipping from united states. It's a shame that it's not possible to put 0 stars. PlanetExpress(プラネットエクスプレス)は、アメリカの商品を購入し日本へ送ってくれる(個人輸入)の代理業者です。ぼくが実際にPlanetExpressを利用してみてわかったメリットと、実際に利用する時の流れについて解説していきま So clients can decide if they can or would like to wait, or whether they can do without the missing service. Has all of the services I need, with transparent pricing arrangements. I highly recommend. Definitely would recommend! easy sign up. I am so disappointed with this company because I was hopeful that maybe they would be good, I was very wrong. I used this company a few times and I thought they were good, but their lack of accountability and lack of customer service is making me move my parcels as we speak. Would highly reccomend. and yet after over a dozen messages, I still get the same standard copy/paste answer that I will 'soon' hear from them. Great service!. Great prices, very helpful customer service. * "Planet Mail Express" shipping option is very cost effective. Click on the links bellow to check it:https://youtu.be/Rmr_zkZb7Zshttps://youtu.be/p5uEYyLqDz4. 海外通販を利用してipadをゲットしてみました!PlanetExpressはお勧めです。なぜかっていうとトータルでの金額を自分の好みで微調整できる部分です。その他の転送サービスと比較はした方が良いと思いますが恐らく2020年2月時点では最安値だと思います! * Handle packages and special requests with great care.The bad:* Entered wrong package weight several times but corrected it after I reported the error.Ideas for the future:* Fixed shipping price for shoes (like other forwarding companies offer). They are not able to manage and handle the amount of packages they are getting it seems.my package received by them on 21st of Dec and till now they are not able to decide whether it is with Aramex or with them. out of all the USA package forwarders, hands down you guys are the best.Love the several shipping options and planet's economial and express (with tracking). Planet Expressとは? Planet Expressは、転送サービスの老舗「Shipito」出身者が2017年に起業した、新しい転送サービスです。. A very good and respected company and I recommend to everyone to deal with it, Excellent service flexible handling and speed of shipment, super responsables, su servicio es eficaz y economico. Recomendable, Excellent & reliable,fast and cheap service...Quick respond to any request...Bravo RECCOMENDED. But it was a massive box with a couple of hundred items of clothing. I am new at planetexpress. I have been using them for a while now, great services. Very handy, will keep using it. THEY DON'T TELL YOU IN THE SMALL PRINT THAT ONCE IT ARRIVES IN OREGON IT STILL SHIPS VIA CALI. All rights reserved. the best delivery service so far affordable price and exclusive services, it is incomparable with other companies, still waiting for promo coupons to take advantage. An absolute must have for companies that ship internationally. They don't answer email, I'm 2 months trying to place my order and I'm ignored.has no respect for the customer.don't do business with them. Planet Express provide a great service with a LOW-COST SHIPPING OPTION. excellent service, good prices, trustable. Cheapest, Fastest, Reliable shipping. it is great service and look forward to work with them for long time. The service is really friendly and professional, never let me down, the prices are way better than the others that I used before, thanks for the service! Thank you! I found that they work efficiently and quickly. Excellent Service. I have received an apology for the conduct of the customer service representative that I spoke to initially and have been assured that they are taking steps to stop this happening to future customers.I am personally too anxious to continue using the company. Very good service,informs everything in email.and low prices for Europe , Great service, fast shipping and the cheapest fares you can find. Cheapest and excellent in terms of Customer service and shipping! sign up today - do not delay !⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I currently have two destroyed items ('thanks' to FedEx), one claim was started over a month ago (!!!) Disclose benefits of USPS as reshipper. Package consolidation that saves me moneyRead my full review for all the details. Jediné, co se nedá ovlivnit (i když celní deklaraci si děláte sami) je právě CLO, popř. Easy to use interface of Planet Express website.Their pricing is straightforward.They respond quickly to questions.They will respond politely to any trouble.I am happy with their service. Už se mi stalo, že jsem CLO platila, i že to bylo OK a neplatila jsem nic ( (paradoxně to byl balík větší, těžší a více produktů). I received my package to Botswana in a matter of days. Hello Planet Express !, I thank you very much I just got my package, excellent service, recommended! Transparent pricing structure2. :), My experience with this poor. Especially the customer service is awesome, the guys provide you every single information and detail that you need. He went above and beyond to reconcile this incident! I've been using their service for over two years now and will continue to use them. I will definitely use Planet Express again in the future and I would recommend it to anyone! الاجمل في هذه الشركة هو الوقت السريع الذي تعد فيه شحنتك باثمن جد صغير هو 2 دولار فقطA special company is concerned with re-sending the parcels you will buy from the United States towards your country anywhere in the world and It will not cost you just a few minutes. Nice website.. Good price to ship to iraq. Vždy vše precizně zabalené, nikdy nic nepřišlo rozbité.Když balík odesílám, systém mi dá na výběr z několika dopravců (ceny jsou reálné - žádné poplatky navíc), a já tam krásně vidím, který si co účtuje. 3 days later my parcel arrived at Singapore safely and well-packed.Well done Planet Express and I will definitely recommend your service to my friends.